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Covid-19: Claiming 80% from the Government

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for Employers

Retaining your workforce for when you reopen again

What does it really mean for businesses?

For most of us, we are experiencing the most surreal and financially crippling time of our lives. Businesses are facing extinction; individuals unable to work with their income stopping overnight. We never saw it coming or at least, not like this. It’s truly life changing.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel though. Our light, is the Government creating a huge support package to ease our way out and ensuring that the aftermath is not an economic crash.

This support package initially focused on businesses operating as limited companies, but has now been updated to include sole traders or otherwise known as individuals working for themselves, of which there are more than 3m, making up 60% of all businesses in the UK.

What’s the package?
If you are employed and unable to work, you can receive 80% of your gross pay; if you are self employed, you can receive 80% of your trading profits (over the last three years to 5 April 2019).

How can you get it?
The systems are currently being created. Once you or your employer can access the system, a claim can be submitted. The target date for payment for employees is by the end of April and June for the self employed.

What do we do in the meantime? 
We must be cautious and we must take care of the finances we have. So, talk to suppliers and ask for time to pay, change the date on direct debits, apply for payment holidays with mortgage providers and act on necessity from now on. There is no judgment or at least there shouldn’t be because we are all in the same boat and the situation is not of our making. All we can do is respond the best we can and we have to help each other.

It’s not forever
Of course it’s not! As quickly as this situation came about and developed, as quickly it will resolve itself. As a nation, we are a part of that resolve. To follow the guidance, we can give its departure traction and in a month, we will be working and busy again like it was just a long break with the in-laws. The rat race will begin again and your bank account will be back in the black.

What’s the lesson?
When your cash starts to flow again, open a savings account, put 10% in and forget about it. You never know when you might need it!

For all those still able to work, carry on as long as you can and save what you can.

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